Ashevillage + Urban Farm School are thrilled to announce the
Why join? 
Though our hearts know another world is possible, it’s not necessarily easy to create the regenerative culture we dream of. Whether in our own backyards, communities at large (or even within ourselves), how do we actually create the world we want? Join this first time gathering of extraordinary activists and on-the-ground leaders as they share what they’re up to, why it’s important, and what you can do about it in your own life. Gain valuable insights and inspiration to be a more dynamic, community-oriented, and effective change-maker. A whole earth is calling us…

• What if everything we did created a world that benefited all life?
• Do you consider yourself an agent of change with a desire to make a difference?
• How can you be a strong collaborator who connects the dots in your own community?
• How can your local projects ripple throughout the landscape and shake up the status quo?
• Do you want to be so awesomely inspired so that you’ve got to take your next leap?

For more info and to register for this FREE event: Whole Earth Summit