Do you dream of simplifying your life and downsizing your home? How do you get started? What do you need to know?

Tumbleweed's 2-day workshops are designed to help you get started on your new life. Packed with all the insightful and extensive information you’ll need to design and build your very own tiny home.

Skillfully presented by actual Tumbleweed home owners/builders—who happily share their stories and experiences on subjects such as choosing the appropriate trailer base, selecting materials, and the importance of using the right tools etc.—these workshops cover every aspect of tiny house building and living.

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Be prepared to get answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

Laws about Tiny Homes:

  • Understanding the building codes and zoning codes that restrict how small we can build.
  • What types of homes can be classified as a "vehicle" and why that matters.

Building tips for Tiny Homes:

  • How to design and build your home in the most cost effective manner and how to save money during construction.
  • How you can build a house on a trailer or standard foundation.
  • Detailed information on trailers; from flatbeds to utility trailers to car haulers, including standard trailer sizes and weight capacities.
  • How to select the best materials and which ones to avoid.
  • Insulation and venting techniques and why some types of green insulation don't work in a tiny home.
  • Appliances. What types of home heaters, water heaters, kitchen appliances and toilets you will need.
  • Going off grid - toilets, solar power, propane and water.
  • Which jobs you can handle and when you should call in a professional.

Going Green:

  • From composting toilets to sheep's wool insulation to solar power - we discuss the options and weigh the benefits.
  • Recycled materials are great, but know which ones to avoid.


  • Downsizing - where do you start? How much do you really need?
  • Get your friends and family to understand and accept your new lifestyle.

So Much Quality Information

You'll be provided with comprehensive, detailed information on tiny homes (from A to Z) that you can't learn anywhere else—and you'll get to meet many other like-minded people in a fun and engaging setting. We've taught 1000's of people and have used their questions and feedback to make this two day event answer hundreds of questions you didn't even know you have.

At the end of the 2-days you’ll have a much better understanding of the skills needed and what it takes to downsize your life. You'll leave feeling empowered, excited and ready to start your new Tumbleweed journey!

So join us at an up-coming Tumbleweed Workshop and start re-designing your life. We look forward to seeing you there!


Ella Jenkins:  "I bought plans, went to a workshop with my dad, bought a trailer the next week, and started in September with no idea what I was doing. Little Yellow is the embodiment of all that I hold dear."

Guillaume Dutilh:  "I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to attend a workshop presented by someone who has actually built a Tumbleweed house....and [it's] a great opportunity to meet like-minded people."

Brittany Yunker:  "At the age of 26, I set out on my dream -- to build a house for myself. Five months later, I had a tiny house on wheels." She attended a workshop, met experts and created her Bayside Bungalow.