In the past all of these workshops have sound out and Deek has to limit participants to approximately 24 people to ensure everyone gets instruction/attention.

Expect an emphasis on DIY building  as budget for this build will be relatively low and Deek will be using recycled materials to build! Awesome.

So if you’re interested try to get your spot reserved as soon as you can. Those of you who decide to go will get to hang with the Diedricksen brothers, a handful of guest speakers and a whole bunch of other tiny house enthusiasts!

In addition you’ll also get to:

Current confirmed guest speakers include:

  • Chris Haynes who lives in a tiny home and has built a Tumbleweed XS and a Bodega
  • Jan Kenney who lives in one of the tiniest houses ever 
  • Ver Struck who owns a tiny house classroom on wheels 

To learn more and grab your spot for the workshop go here and sign up directly through Deek.

We saw the announcement for this workshop on Tiny House News. If you're a lover of Tiny Houses definitely check them out. Tiny House News is an excellent resource!