Purpose of this event:

  • To enable participants to visit a spacious, open concept single level home that is only 60% of the size of an average new home.
  • To showcase the increased level of comfort that is possible all year round in a hyper-insulated house.
  • To highlight the principles of green building beyond simply energy performance - healthy air quality and a reduced carbon foot print through choosing responsibly harvested, recycled, reclaimed and non-toxic building materials. 
  • To provide an overview of the initial construction costs vs recurring operational costs. Added building costs are offset by monthly savings on utilities, making high performance homes a sound financial investment.

Intended audience:

Builders, homeowners, designers and the endlessly curious. No building experience necessary.


Morning - design and concept:

  • The economics of hyper-performing homes -  buying insulation vs renting heat
  • Design basics for passive heating and cooling -  home orientation, shading, layout
  • Kitchen and bathrooms - water efficiency, durability, moisture management
  • Air quality - ventilation and non-toxic building materials
  • Floors ceilings and walls: reclaimed, recycled and low-impact materials
  • Mechanical : decentralized ventilation, heat-pump water heater, radiant floor, wall heat-pump
  • Exterior: drought resistant landscaping, drainage, green roof, rainwater harvesting
  • Passive Solar Index (PSI) and LEED - an energy overview: lighting, electric car terminal, appliances, heating strategy

Afternoon - construction and discussion :

  • Slab-on-grade, no basement: insulation, plumbing, vapour and radon control
  • Air barriers and vapour barriers: the difference between and the importance of each
  • Wall assembly - performance, durability, thermal breaks
  • Construction and insulation of roof
  • Windows and glazings- different performance criteria for different sides of the house
  • Siding, soffit and roof: Exterior wall ventilation  

To register: http://www.ecohome.net/workshops/course/ecohome-demo-house-workshop-tour