Assessing the durability and energy performance of existing homes can help determine their true value. This workshop will offer participants a working knowledge of building science basics to better assess potential problems in homes, plan cost effective energy efficiency upgrades, and determine the lifespan and maintenance that can be expected from an existing home.

Course outline:

  • The principles of sustainable building
  • Problems caused by building envelope failures
  • Controlling moisture movement through walls
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding air barriers and vapour barriers
  • Flexible design: make future changes easier
  • Cost effective energy efficiency upgrades with the best return on investment
  • Solar, geothermal & wind energy
  • Insulation: review of materials and their applications
  • Windows: when to replace them and what to look for
  • Home lighting: efficiency and quality of life
  • Healthy finishing: protecting indoor air quality

Whether you're a homeowner, potential homebuyer, builder or real estate agent, if you're interested in the benefits of green buildings and/or green renos this course is for you. 

Price: $195 includes lunch.

For more info or to register: [email protected]