This course is based on the LEED for Homes rating system, but is applicable to those seeking any LEED specialty accreditation. Participants will gain an understanding of the purpose of LEED and the philosophies behind it, and how various rating systems function. This is intended as an overview only of rating systems and what to expect on an exam. Participants are strongly recommended to futher study before registering for exams.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The LEED rating system was developed by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and is administered in Canada through the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council). It is the most comprehensive of all building certification programs, promoting housing density, the use of sustainable materials, high performance building envelopes, waste management and access to public transportation and existing infrastructure.

LEED is the most prominent and recognized building rating system in the world. LEED certified professionals position themselves as leaders in their fields, tapping into the growing demand for sustainable homes and commercial buildings.

Course objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the core concepts of the LEED for Homes rating system, and to prepare them for the LEED Green Associate exam.

This is the first step to achieving the certification of LEED AP (Accredited Professional). To achieve LEED AP accreditation, applicants must first pass the Green Associate exam and have experience working on a LEED project in order to take the AP exam.

Course outline:

Module 1 - The principles of sustainable and high performance building design

  • Environmental realities and the urgency for action
  • Why buildings succeed or fail
  • Designing for performance and durability
  • Embodied energy and environmental impact of materials

Module 2 - Core principles of the LEED rating system

  • LEED rating system overview: goals and achievements
  • Identification and review of the 8 LEED performance categories

Module 3 -

  • Case study of LEED buildings and their features
  • Group excercise in home design

Module 4 - LEED Green Associate exam preparation

  • What to expect on the exam
  • Sample exam questions
  • How to get LEED experience
  • Study resources


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