The nine-month certification course does not require existing green building education or experience. It is focused on practical, forward-thinking ways to design, construct and manage buildings that are resource efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective, and healthy for all occupants.

Participants in the SBA program can achieve all credential maintenance requirements for LEED-accredited professionals. Upon completion of the SBA program and CSBA Exam, students earn the designation of Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA) by taking the CSBA exam. A passing score entitles professionals to use the designation CSBA after one’s name on business cards and resumes, for example. As a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor you will be part of an active alumni network of leading green building professionals.

The new 14 week program includes half-day classes on Fridays and full-day classes on Saturdays.

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For additional information: SBA Program and Ottawa Class Schedule.

If you have any questions about the SBA Program, please contact Crystal Finnigan at 1-866-941-1184 x1023 or [email protected]