Mushroom insulation is being developed by the firm Ecovative as a natural alternative to plastic insulation like polystyrene and spray foam. Locally sourced crop wastes are inoculated with mycelium (mushroom “roots”) that acts as a growing glue. This cutting edge, high-performance insulation material and method has been called the most sustainable option available today. This class will give students a thorough technical background on how to use mushroom insulation, a basic understanding of fungi, and a chance to get hands-on with living mushroom materials. Day one gives an in-depth introduction to mushroom insulation, with a video factory tour, and a mushroom foray in the woods nearby. Day two will involve assembling, and insulating a small structure with mushroom insulation. Students will get to take home a small object that they grow out of mushroom material, and will be among the first in the world to be trained in the use of this unique new biomaterial.




-Mushroom Insulation overview

-Video factory tour of Ecovative

-Mini mushroom foray in the woods nearby (find some mycelium, and admire the mechanical strength of some fungi)

-Fill some small molded shapes


-Construct pre-cut wall framing assembly

-Fill mushroom insulation in the wall cavities

-Observe growth on parts grown day 1

-Discuss growth parameters, drying, and appropriate wall assemblies.

Approximately 10 days later

-Receive in the mail the small molded insulative shapes begun in class.

-Receive emailed time lapse photos (or video) of the now fully-insulated wall assembly structure begun during class.

Tuition: $350

Materials: $20

Here for more info or to register.

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