A description of the workshop from the Earthenbuilt website: 

If you have a fascination with wood heat, thermal mass, fire, or building things, then you may just want to sign up for this awesome course that covers such topics.

Rocket Mass Heaters have been gaining in popularity as people search for better and more efficient ways to heat their homes. As their names suggest, RMHs accomplish this goal by efficiently burning smaller pieces of wood to heat a large thermal mass unit. This stored heat is then slowly released for hours, long after the fire has gone out.

RMHs are fairly similar in function to a masonry heater in that they both aim to heat a thermal mass with minimal wood and burn time, yet are adapted more for the DIYers and come in at a much lower budget. The RMH is also extremely adequate for smaller buildings.

Dates: April 26, 27, & 28, 2014
Price: $225 if paid and registered by March 31st, 2014.
$250 after March 31st, 2014.
$225 each if 2 or more sign up together.

The April RMH workshop will be held over a 3-day weekend at Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm.

The workshop starts with a talk about how RMH units work and the materials used.
We’ll then dive right in and build a mock-up unit and talk about heat and fire while watching how the flames behave in this demonstration.
Taking the knowledge learned in the first two sections, we go into the structure and get started on the permanent unit.
We will cover safety considerations and the various uses and limitations of RMH units throughout the building of the indoor unit.
Mixing cob and building a good thermal mass bench for the RMH will also be a large part of this workshop. Without a thermal mass structure, an RMH is only partly useful. You will learn the best materials and set up to make optimum use of the heat created with these super-efficient stoves.

Maximum of 12 students accepted. Sign up early for the early bird and to ensure your spot in the class!

Visit Earthenbuilt for more info. 

A Bit About Our Hosts: Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm

Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm is a 3.5 Acre property located 10 km east of the West Kootenay mountain town of Nelson, BC, Canada

The property is currently a single-owner smallholding, focused on becoming a self-sustaining, permaculture-based microfarm with a balanced mix of long-term and temporary residents . It’s an ambitious goal, and to get there we are looking for your help, talent, and experience.

Please feel free to visit the Website, the Facebook page, or to contact Paula about more information about workshops or any other topics you find interesting that are happening at Hillhouse.