Rocket Mass Heaters create an exceptional warm living environment, providing heat to the air and to your body as you sit, or lie, on the heated bench or bed. Also, the top of the Bell (barrel) offers an efficient cooking surface.

A Rocket Mass Heater (RMH) can heat a living space with a fraction of the firewood that would be used in a more traditional Wood stove or even the more efficient Masonry Stoves. 
Wood burns so efficiently in a RMH that there is virtually no smoke, simply steam and CO2.
The RMH stove's thermal mass stores and radiates heat for days after a single firing.
An RMH can be built in a few days and on the cheap ($100 - $500).

Over the course of this weekend workshop you can expect to learn:

  • How to mix and apply COB and earthen mortars from sand, clay and water.
  • To lay and cut bricks for the combustion chamber and manifold.
  • To make an earthen mix of slip clay and perlite to insulate around the combustion chamber and heat riser. 
  • To build a heat riser (with brick or steel column) and bell (barrel) installation.
  • To safely cut, crimp and securely connect stove pipe for the RMH exhaust/chimney.
  • To Install and attach stove pipe fittings for system ash clean outs.

Price: $400

In the spirit of the permaculture transition town movement, there are a few spaces open for folks who cannot pay the full registration fee at this time and would like to make alternative arrangements.

For more information or to register, please contact andrew.brunning (at)

Rocket Mass Heater Diagram
Rocket Mass Heater