The workshop, as desciribed on the Kinburn Farms site: 

This workshop will give you all the tools to need to plant your garden, care for your growing veggies, and harvest them.  It will be a very hands-on workshop so wear your gloves and boots – you will be getting dirty, and guaranteed to enjoy every minute of it!

We will begin by defining the garden space – where is the best place to plant to allow for easy moving throughout the garden with tools and supplies that will minimize your time and make your life easier!  We will be marking and edging the outside borders and be creating planting beds – all the while learning tips and tricks to save time and your back!  Various soil types will be shown and the best ways to prepare your soil to maximize your nutrient and water mobility.

Next comes string lines and spacing of plants based on their growth requirements.  You will be installing drip irrigation and learn the importance of why and how it is done.  Other options – overhead watering, hand watering and the likes will be discussed to give you options for what irrigation methods will best be applied in your own garden.

Then comes the fun part – you will get to plant a variety of seedlings – cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis…. As well you will be direct seeding – those succession plantings that can be done every three weeks to elongate your growing season – carrots, beets, etc.   You will be installing various staking methods based on the needs of the crop you are tending to.  Just think what you can do in your own garden now!  We will be covering various organic pest management practices – using the most common pests as examples – potato bug, cabbage looper, earwigs….Interplanting and companion planting will be discussed and tied into our planting session.  You will be applying different two kinds of mulch – straw and bark chips and learn the value and benefit of both.  You will learn the most effective ways to maintain your garden with minimal input.  To finish we will cover harvesting tips, the best times and ways to pick your vegetables to maximize your yield!  Just think of how much you will save on your grocery bill, how your children will learn where food comes from and the satisfaction of growing your own food!! Join us and sign up today!