Is it possible to connect greenhouse with the building?

Julia Jedrys
Updated: Sept. 10, 2020

Hello, I am working on my student theoretical design that is located in moderate European climate. Its a small house, with a greenhouse connected to the south facade. Its a long, horizontal glazing that supposed to handle fuctions like: first entrance (vestibule), winter garden (place to sit), thermal barrier (less heat in summer, more in winter) and some space to grow plants like tomatoes or herbs. I have read your articles about greenhouses and solariums, so its starting to bothering me if this kind of solution will be good in case of air conditioning and if this have a chance to act both as a place to grow plants and extension of some rooms. (kind of like its working in earthips). I am wondering if for better comfort I should separate some fuctions.
Thank you in advance, best regards from Poland

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