In this interactive workshop you will learn which seeds are best for you and your family, then you'll pot up trays, plant a variety of vegetables, label and chart them. Topics covered include:

Choosing your vegetables

Weekly consumption – storage space - meal planning, canning, preserving

Size of garden – garden plan, planting diagram, harvest chart, time/funds available.

Methods - straw bale gardening, vertical gardening, container gardening, interplanting, companion planting.

Seed choice – days to maturity, canning.

Materials – potting up space, water, seeding log, brush, tools.


Where to put seed trays?  Light, drainage, water.

Soil – Saturation, Filling trays, packing the soil.

Seeding – Packing, poking, labeling, recording

Watering – Bottom watering  vs. overhead watering, proper drainage

Lights –Timer, stretching, turning.  

Expected yields – Seeding chart, calendar.

Record keeping – Importance – root veg, variety, transplant dates, # planted, # germinated, transplant dates, calendar.


When to transplant – Time of day, wilt, prewatering, pending weather

Roots –Root zone, tools

Spacing – days to harvest, roots, proximity

String lines – minding the elements

Watering – timing

Companion planting – frequency, pest concerns

Block planting – lettuce, beets, carrots, onions…

Direct seeding – succession planting – beets, carrots…    

Price: $40 

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