Through lectures, discussions, slide shows, field trips and hands-on activities participants learn the basic permaculture design principles and develop the skills to design and implement systems in urban and rural settings. 

Learn to create a self sufficient lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This intensive 13 day course offers practical training in permaculture design principles and techniques to create sustainable environments that provide self-reliance in food, shelter, energy, fulfilling employment and supportive community. This training will be useful for those from beginning, backyard gardeners to design professionals. Field trips and practical sessions for design and gardening are included. Evening seminars and socials complete the day sessions. Topics include: Ecological Landscape Design, Organic Gardening, Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardening, Poultry Care, Appropriate Technology, Ecovillage Design, Ecoforestry, Soil Fertility and Composting, Fruit and Nut Production, Water Harvesting and Uses. Immerse yourself in a sustainable community on a permaculture designed farm at Whole Village Ecovillage.

Accommodations include inside rooms, camping and trailers, if not commuting.

For more information check out the Whole Village Ecovillage website.