What are your needs – Birds for eggs or meat?

Purchasing – Day olds vs. two or three week old chicks? When to get them? Heat lamps

Organic vs. conventional – What are the different requirements for each?

Chicken coop options – Shelters, pens, chicken tractors, free range, free run, roosting

Feed – different timelines for different feeds, where do you buy it? What is the cost? Why oyster shells?

Watering – Different methods and the labour required for each

Harvesting meat birds – Reservation dates, local abattoirs, transportation, temperatures, freezing

Egg production – At what age do they lay? How often? Washing and care of eggs

Winter care for birds – Heated waterers, additional heat sources

Price: $40

As always, please register for this workshop directly with Kinburn Farms and direct any questions regarding the workshop their way. Keep up with their life on a family farm on facebook.