Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water buildings have rapidly captured the public imagination, and are transforming expectations for the pace of change in the built environment. The Living Building Challenge™ expands Net Zero concepts in ways that look far into the future, consider the endgame and shape our efforts to create productive, thriving communities.  
Net Zero is a powerful yet evolving model—one that must integrate other needs such as biophilia, social equity, beauty and a sense of place. From a technological standpoint, the Net Zero approaches to energy and water are still emerging, and the norms of today will soon become yesterday’s news.
The Net Positive Energy + Water Conference will address these issues and share the latest in zero energy and water ideas, technologies and applications—all presented by a select group of leading-edge experts from around the world.
The Net Zero Energy + Water Conference is rooted in the restorative principles of the Living Building Challenge™, the world's most rigorous green building standard. The Living Building Challenge program's Net Zero Energy Building Certification offers clear, performance-based definition for Net Zero Energy projects.  
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