Landmark Homes Inc. In Calgary Alberta, In partnership with Brookfield Residential Properties, has just started construction on a community of 27 prefabricated net zero energy homes, the first of its kind in Alberta.

A ‘Net Zero Energy’ home on an annual basis generates as much or more power than it consumes, and each of these homes will achieve that. Wall panels and roof components were pre-made in the company’s manufacturing facility in Edmonton, then shipped to Calgary for assembly. This allows for a more precise build in a controlled environment, less manufacturing waste, and shorter construction time onsite. After taking delivery, completed sections are assembled on pre-finished foundations in a matter of hours. 

"We're proud to be the first home builder to offer this sustainable building process to Calgary Homebuyers on this scale," said Sam Attia, President, Landmark Homes. "We are committed to providing an option that could potentially eliminate monthly electricity charges entirely for homeowners, among other sustainable benefits."

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