Can I do a concrete deck with pilings from Legalett?

Pam Proctor
Updated: Nov. 15, 2021

Floating slabs are the overwhelming favourite of passive house builders for many obvious reasons. I have learned so much from your amazing site!

I have an old house that violates very code known to man, that is barely the size of a small double car garage. Luckily, the lot it sits on has plenty of room to build new and out of the way of existing well and septic. The land, however, slopes away toward the back gently at first, with a more significant slope of approx 1.2m over 3m under what would be the last 20%-ish of a 1200-1300sqft bungalow positioned within property line setbacks. This necessitates a costly retaining wall and chewing up a property I wish to 're-wild'.

Your site introduced me to the innovative foundations offered by Legalett - I see from their site that they offer conrete deck forms that utilize EPS and air-heated in-floor tubing as the FPSF. This made me go hmmmm... might this be an option, on engineering pilings, for my lot? Any thoughts, or should I just get to levelling the site?

Thank you and take good care,

Pam (Laurentian Valley, ON)

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