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Linds Cullen 3 years ago

Hello and thanks for responding to my question. The house is not yet started and will be built in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I know that the builder includes a pebble or a similar foundation before laying concrete. I think they use a vapor barrier. I asked for the building specs but perhaps that is not something a builder likes to give out, as I have not received them. Thanks for the link. 

Bob Singel
Bob Singel 2 years ago

We have an old cottage so no vapor barrier under cement but there is tar paper over cement. Replaced some tar paper water proof painted cement and installed vapor barrier installed furring stripes and covered with plywood. Checked a year later before redoing the rest of the cement and found mildew under plastic vapor barrier. Water table is high being near the lake. So do I just remove tar paper, clean floor and put down vapor barrier, seems like this might be a recurring problem years down the line? Thanks for any advice.