Mineral wool roof insulation used to best effect:

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The Ecohome's Edelweiss House LEED Platinum certified V4 roof is a 2/12 pitch insulated to R95 with Rockwool (formerly Roxul) mineral wool batts. R95 far exceeds the most rigorous Canadian building codes, and is a key component to us achieving an extremely energy efficient house. This is capped off with a living green roof - see more here.

“The Edelweiss House is a phenomenal achievement - the first Canadian project to meet the stringent requirements of the latest version of LEED at its highest level", said Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of the CaGBC. “I commend Ecohome for being a leader in the Canadian home building community and for demonstrating to the industry that high sustainability standards can be achieved right here in Canada, right now.” 

What is Canada's greenest home? Can such a label even be awarded? Hard to say; there are so many variables and criteria to consider. But with a heating requirement equal to that of Passivhaus, top points for energy efficiency of LEED Platinum V4 because of the extensive use of mineral wool insulation, a slew of recycled materials and excellent interior air quality, we'd like to think the Edelweiss House by EcoHome is a firm contender. It was after all the first home in Canada to be awarder the Leed Platinum v4 rating, and only the second in the world. Yep, here at EcoHome we're pretty proud of that!

The Edelweiss Home is a simply designed, passively heated, insulated slab-on-grade rancher capable of housing a family of 4 comfortably. And best of all, it was done well within a conventional building budget


Thanks to our sponsor Rockwool - formerly Roxul Canada.