Does strapping’s nailing jeopardize membrane integrity?

Updated: Nov. 26, 2021

Does nailing battens on a ceiling or wall to create a service cavity creates significant leaks in a membrane to worry about?  Or afterward stapling wires, screwing jonction boxes, etc. through the membrane...

[This is a single level construction in zone 6 where: – ceiling is a vented cathedral roof with R60 cellulose, over 1/2” Enermax (wood fiberboard with aluminium foil vapor barrier), double 1×3 strapping and v-groove pine planks. – walls are cedar siding, 1×3 strapping, Typar WRB, 1-1/2” wood fiberboard, R-20 hemp batt insulation, smart vapor retarder ProClima Intello, double 1×3 strapping and v-groove  planks.]

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