Can you raise a garage floor?

Anwar Chowdhury
Updated: Jan. 6, 2021

Our garage floor is almost back alley level, it has retention wall,  and inside about 6 inches height from the slab. We like to raise it at least 4 inches! Is it possible?  If so, how? 

Thank you in advance. 

Responses (2)

Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole 3 years ago

Being in the Spray Foam Industry, I would say that there may be ways but it would depend on how the existing slab floor was constructed. IF it is a truly floating slab with no rebar anchors into the walls then you could look at getting a slab jacking company to come in and they can possibly lift the slab with the injection of high density closed cell SPF under it. Obviously I cannot say with any certainty sight unseen but slab jacking with SPF is becoming a very polular option for situations with sunken concrete or uneven sidewalks. etc.