Can you use blown cellulose overtop of fiberglass insulation?

E McKinney
Updated: Feb. 5, 2021

I have a room over my garage that is unfinished (just a finished floor, no walls, you can see thru from one end of house to other). I just use if for storage as it has a stairwell entrance from inside the garage. It gets unbelieveably hot or cold, depending on the season. It currently has fiberglass insulation between the joists, Im wondering if I can increase the insulation or if that is of no use since the stairwell is open. 

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E McKinney 3 years ago

I live in South Carolina down near the coast.  I believe the original intent of the builder was to have an extra room over the garage and sheetrock, etc would be put up to complete the room.  There are certainly many electrical outlets located and full lights etc. But, previous owners never did anything, so the space is just roughed in with all the studs, etc.  but not finished (with the exception of the actual floor, which is just "plywood" or similar over the joists.)   Its great storage for christmas ornaments and things you use once in a great while, but otherwise uncomfortable climate-wise.   The garage will not be heated.