How do know if I have a gas leak ? It's a ventless heater

Margherita Sewell
Updated: Feb. 1, 2021

My partner is putting radiant flooring with a professional in our living greenhouse. But for now he has purchased a ventless wall heater. He claims he smells nothing. I smell it in the house as he installed it and I hear hissing. I no longer have asthma but my lungs have a hard time I am dizzy coughing. He won't listen how can I do this anonymously? Someone called I was visiting my nana he told me someone called they came nothing is wrong. Oh yes there is. I smell something. I wonder is it nitrogen oxide? Please advise. Should fire department come instead of gas company he claims they came. Can you call? But I only live here I do not own the house. But I own my lungs. Thank you maybe you can send someone. I enjoy reading all your advice here. 

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