PUR • PURE - Detergent by Lemieux

High Efficiency Ultra Concentrated Detergent

LEMIEUX PURE LAUNDRY DETERGENT ..... HYPPOALERGENIC AND ODOR-FREE, made with very superior ingredients, of very high quality, because this detergent is also specially designed for all the sick people, bedridden, having problems with their skin become too fragile and for all the people become allergic to the odors, this detergent also all designated to our elders (es) to the skin become more than fragile, as well as all the handicapped (es) and without forgetting that it can also be used for all the newborns.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Non-polluting
  • Derived from natural materials
  • Limited impact on the natural environment
  • Developed with reduced environmental impact

Product details

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