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Sustainable building practices are doing more than just helping the environment - they are also helping to create stronger and more prosperous communities.

This is according to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), with its chief executive Romilly Madew explaining that such constructions are "simply better buildings".

She revealed that Green Star-rated buildings produce 62 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than standard constructions and use 66 per cent less electricity.

Meanwhile, around 51 per cent less potable water is used compared to an average Australian building and less waste ends up in landfill.

Ms Madew commented: "But green buildings are not just good for the planet - they are good for people too.

Sustainable buildings are boosting student test scores, accelerating patient recovery rates, improving worker productivity and slashing energy bills.

These claims were made ahead of last month's World Green Building Week, an annual event that brings together sustainable development leaders from all over the globe.

The aim of the event is to demonstrate how sustainable buildings play a role in improving communities - this can be achieved through making them more productive and empowering them to bring about change.

The GBCA was actively involved in the initiative, helping to draw people's attention to green and sustainable buildings throughout some of the biggest cities in the country.

Some constructions opened their doors to the public - such as One One One Eagle Street in Brisbane - to give people a first-hand look at what measures can be taken to benefit the environment.

The theme of this year's World Green Building Week was greener buildings, better places, healthier people, which highlighted the need to create a more sustainable environment for future generations. Green building councils representing 98 countries attended the event, which is now in its fourth year.

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