Seriously, no pun intended - it's just hard not to describe the cardboard Wikkelhouse as anything other than an extreme case of thinking outside of the box. It's like there is some kind of one-upmanship going on in the tiny house movement that has builders forever taking design and material use to new levels.

Don't mistake this for us suggesting this could be done in Canada without some modifications. The website claims it is pretty robust, but that is likely defined differently in a country with no snow load to contend with. It may also need to include some 5/8 drywall before you'd sell a cardboard house with a woodstove to a firefighter.   


The best part about tiny houses is that you need to be clever with space use, which leads to things like sliding walls and secret compartments, making them even more appealing.

Not all the tiny houses we post here would work in this climate but they do bring the tiny house movement front and centre and highlight the fact that smaller houses are cool and very livable. Below is  a list of some of our favourites.