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Building Climate Zones USA & Canada Maps Help with Specification of Homes
Planning and Design

Climate Zones in USA & Canada for Building Homes

...USA & Canada? Using information gathered from 4,775 US weather sites, in the early 2000s, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory created a simplified map separating North America into 8 general climate zones based primarily on temperature. It was then divided into three moisture categor...

Hemp insulation products for USA & Canada rolling off the production line
Insulation and soundproofing

Hemp insulation in Canada & USA - insulating naturally is an Eco-friendly alternative

...usable and/or recyclable, which is not the case for polyurethane. Hemp wool has many other benefits when used as an insulation choice. It is non-toxic, it reduces sound transmission and it is very resistant to pests. Hemp is also vapour-permeable - meaning that moisture moves right through it. This allows hemp to hel...

Leed platinum plaque
Green building certifications

All about green home certification programs & rating systems for USA & Canada

...USA & Canada are good enough, remember that the building code essentially defines the worst performing home you are legally allowed to build. Depending which state or province you live in means this can be a little bit of a lottery when looking for a new home, especially if you're a concerned environmentalist, are look...

MDF Formaldehyde Free Alternatives - Made from Rice Stalks
Healthy indoor air quality

The formaldehyde-free MDF non-toxic alternative made of natural rice-stalks

...USA & Canada There is a natural and Formaldehyde-Free alternative to MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) made of rice straw hitting the green building market soon! That’s a reason to breath a sigh of relief (literally and figuratively) since a lot of people would need to hold their breath around MDF and other composite p...

Why Radon maps by state or province shouldn't replace testing

Radon Levels by State & Province - Why a Radon Test is Essential

...USA and Canada. EPA map of areas in the US at high risk of radon contamination in homes by State. Health Canada map of areas of Canada at high risk of radon contamination in homes by Province Where does Radon gas come from? Radon is naturally present in the air at a minimal concentration, everywhere, al...

Insulating crawlspaces as part of home renovation
Crawl spaces

How to insulate crawlspaces properly as part of renovating an older home

Crawlspace insulation - be careful to get it right A crawlspace comes with all the downsides of a basement, but it is just too low a space to be functional either beyond the folded plastic christmas tree and a couple of boxes of baubles. Unless there is a good reason for it, going through the process of pouring a fo...

Exterior damp proofing and drainage mat to protect basements from wate
Insulation and soundproofing

Best practices for basement insulation in new home construction

The most common practices currently employed for finishing basement interiors as living space rarely account for the impacts that come with the added moisture load below grade, or the amount of heat that will be lost to the ground. Existing basements are typically under-insulated or not insulated at all, and if they...

Preventing radon gas in homes starts with testing for radon - the only sure way
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Radon Gas Awareness - Up to 10% of North American homes tested have unsafe radon levels

Why is Radon a Problem in USA & Canada? Radon gas is cancer-causing radioactive, invisible, odourless and tasteless in water and air, and we are surrounded by it without knowing at all times at some level. It is present in every breath you take, hopefully in very, very small quantities, but then how do we know? Rado...

Flooded streets impervious surfaces - Calgary Alberta
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Rainwater management and water-permeable surfaces

...USA, we are now in the early stages of a completely unnecessary water crisis, but this can be slowly turned around. What is falling on all of our roofs could be handled much differently, and to everyone's benefit and cost savings. With a little foresight and planning, the next watering moratorium could have little to...

The birthplace of Passive House solar home design The Saskatchewan Conservation
Passive solar home design

Saskatchewan: The birthplace of Passive House and passive solar home design

Passive House Design, how does it work? If you've ever sat in a car with black leather seats in the summer, particularly when wearing shorts, you already understand passive solar heat gain . It is a very simple concept that as a building technique dates back thousands of years. You simply need to find out where sout...

Prefab Passive House & LEED Kit Homes for Sale in Ontario & North Eastern US
Concept and design

Prefab Passive House & LEED ready kit homes - the future of buying a new home?

...USA, Quebec & Ontario - Get More Info Here Insulated Slab-on-grade Prefab kit In it's final destination in the cold climate of Wakefield Quebec, the finished Eco-Habitat S1600 modern green kit house sits on a slab on grade form kit from Legalett with 6 inches of seamless insulation under the slab and on the exter...