What are the best Wall and Roof insulation choices and rain screen?

Valeriy Kraydman
Valeriy Kraydman
Updated: June 29, 2021

I am doing renovation and addition to the house and trying to make it as airtight as possible. After reading through multiple articles and your responses I was able to narrow down options to few. Walls will be insulated with sprayfoam vs rockwool (hard to get contractor out of convenient and familiar choice) and on exterior will be covered in WRB by Adhero . I'm still struggling with rainscreen choices as my contractor never did it and 2 options he offered arebenjamin obdyke vs ventgrid And not sure which one is better option to use.

Roof will be done from PVC (flat roof) with hot glued seams with firestone bp coinsulation outside and Intello+ WRB  from inside with likely foam of rockwool in between.

Am I overdoing it or not doing it properly? Would it give me good level of airtightness in your opinion? Any recommendations for rainscreen?

Thanks in advance,