Is it common to insulate the Plumbing lines for modern buildings?

Babak K
Updated: Sept. 25, 2020

I'm planning a remodel and addition project and opening up all walls, replacing plumbing lines. Contractor says no insulation is required for building plumbing lines. Only wall insulation. I know many modern buildings (even in third world countries) insulate the plumbing lines to dampen the noise as the water runs through pipes so it's quiet, as well as for heat insulation of hot water lines. What do you think? Isn't common to insulate plumbing lines throughout the home?

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Babak K
Babak K 3 years ago

Thanks, this is really helpful! Also I assume insulating pipes help with water noise reduction too right? If you flush the toilet, the sound wouldn't reverberate through the house, as it does now. So that's another benefit IMHO. What material do you recommend to use for pipe insulation?