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Babak K
Babak K 4 years ago

Thanks! If the time to install was not an inssue, would you still prefer PEX over copper? How about water noise, which one is quieter? Water quality/freshness. Durability etc.

Robert J. Pierson 3 years ago

Hi there Babak,

I think the choice between a plastic material and copper is a very personal one, they both have advantages and disadvantages - such as the solder used, the amount of copper released into the water depending on the ph, likewise for leaching of potential toxins from the PEX - etc etc.

On the sound aspect, I would say that carefully installed PEX should be quieter as there will be fewer sharp bends, but then in hot water circuits I have heard installations that "crackle" with PEX and "bang" with copper - so again - careful installation is probably key!

Durability, probably won by copper - as long as it's all above grade or well protected...

Personally, I've used both, but would probably install PEX next time for ease of install, speed and cost.

Hope that helps!