How can I prevent animals from getting behind the siding on my house?

Connie Curtin
Connie Curtin
Updated: Sept. 9, 2020

I am having an older home resided.  At this point there is no strapping between the sheathing and siding, but I want that added to help with moisture control.  What is the best way to prevent rodents from getting into that space and using it as a highway?

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gail salzman 6 months ago

Would like more detailed info on how to keep mice and squirrels out of the vertical air spaces you suggest. I have batten /board vertical pine siding installed many years ago in northern Vermont, and have a big rodent problem, entering in spaces under the overlap. Now, doing an addition with matching siding, should we do diagonal strapping before siding, and if so again how to block top and bottom from rodent entry?