Hurricane proof home © Mike Chino for Inhabitat

Hurricane-proof home

This hurricane-proof home can withstand a 200 mph impact.

Ecohome Oct. 11, 2017, 3:48 p.m.

We found this story by Nicole Jewell for Inhabitat to be very pertinent given the devastating impacts of  the 2017 hurricane season. Weather events are more extreme in all regions of the globe, so building for a changing climate is very important not just to protect our property and homes, but for personal safety as well.  


The ever-increasing threat of devastating hurricanes and tornadoes has inspired students from the University of Alabama to create the SURVIV(AL) House. The solar-powered home is an ultra-resilient structure built to withstand the effects of extreme weather. The home even comes with a steel-encased “safe room” built into the sub-flooring that is so secure, it can withstand a two-by-four plank flying through the air at 200 mph.

Using the 2011 tornado super outbreak in Alabama that claimed hundreds of lives and caused $10.8 billion in damage as inspiration, the students created the SURVIV(AL) House concept based on three key elements: heat mitigation, severe weather security, and the capacity for “quick permanence.” The term “quick permanence” is used by the team to describe a structure that can be quickly rebuilt after a natural disaster, providing an energy-independent shelter that, although damaged, would still keep families safe as they rebuild.

At the heart of the home’s many resilient features is its “safe room,” a composite and steel space that is meant to protect the people inside during severe storms. The space sits below the level of the home’s sub-flooring, giving it permanent, stable footing under any circumstances. In fact, the space is capable of withstanding extreme weather with winds up to 250 mph winds. In the case of long time shelter needs, the room has a water filter system that can purify up to 10,000 gallons of water. Read more here....

Hurricane proof house
© Mike Chino for Inhabitat
Hurricane proof house
© Mike Chino for Inhabitat

hurricane proof house
© Mike Chino for Inhabitat

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