When the New Frontiers School Board decided they wanted to be a leader in teaching green building practices, it’s doubtful that they could have envisioned how well and how far it would resonate. The town of Ormstown is engaged, the Quebec media is loving it, and they are now reaching out to like-minded schools across the country to share ideas.

One student from the nearby First Nation of Kahnawake, Iokennoron McComber (who goes by Iok) mentioned in passing, "I used to hate going to school, now I'm the first one here every morning because I love it". 

Iok went on to explain how poor the housing conditions were in Kahnawake, and how he was determined to see that improve. Comments like that are a shot of adrenalin to everyone around, and testament to how the vision of this school will affect real change.

Ecohome and our Quebec sister organization Ecohabitation are honoured to support this initiative, so a big thank you to the New Frontiers School Board for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

The project is still in the design phase, but they hope to have final designs before Christmas. Here is episode two of the web video series that will follow this building through to its completion. This one introduces the teachers at the heart of this initiative, and you can clearly see how much they enjoy what they do.

Read the full story and see Webisode 1 here.