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New Frontiers School Board 'Our House' team
LEED Certification

Quebec carpentry students attempt LEED v4 certification on home that will be donated to Habitat for Humanity

...for assembly. To further complicate matters, homes for Habitat for Humanity have to meet the specific needs of individual families. Without having a family se...

LEED Platinum home donated to Habitat for Humanity
LEED Certification

Student-built LEED home delivered to Habitat for Humanity

...Habitat for Humanity . If all that wasn't challenging enough, add to it the fact that Quebec union laws prevent students from working on an actual constructio...

LEED Certification

OUR HOUSE: a community home building endeavour

...Habitat for Humanity, an organization that for decades has created a path towards homeownership for low-income families. The local chapter of Habitat for Humani...

'Our House' fundraiser Jamboree in Ormstown, Quebec
LEED Certification

Habitat for Humanity 'Our House' fundraiser concert

...formance home that will be built by their students, then donated to famillies in need through Habitat for Humanity. This project is garnering tons of attentio...

Teachers experimenting with insulated I-joists as wall studs
LEED Certification

Webisode # 2 following a carpentry school that is making big waves in Quebec

...habitation are honoured to support this initiative, so a big thank you to the New Frontiers School Board for giving us the opportunity to be involved. The pro...

Canadian LEED certification shows strong growth in first four months o
LEED Certification

Canadian LEED certification shows strong growth in first four months of 2015

...for 24 affordable housing units, with another 44 registered for certification. Among those who have benefitted from it, the Program has supported Habitat for Hu...