Getting Started with LEED

The LEED ® Canada for Homes certification program is based on documentation of the building process and visual inspections by LEED certified Green Raters. Upon successful completion of your project, your home can be awarded a level of either Certified, Silver, Gold or the highest possible level, Platinum.

Step by step:

1) Contact a LEED for Homes Provider in your area, please see our providers list, organized by province.

2) Initial assessment meeting: Put together a design and building  team, and with your LEED provider you will go over your plans and determine which level of certification you wish to pursue. It is here that you will see how well your intended project would score on the LEED rating system, and with help from your provider you can learn what modifications would be needed to earn the necessary points, or additional points to help you achieve a higher level. 

3)  There are two mandatory site inspections for LEED certification, first a pre-drywall inspection so the Green Rater can ensure interior wall systems have been completed according to plan, and a final inspection when your home is completed.

Also mandatory before drywall is installed is a  blower door test, where your home is depressurized to test for air leaks. This gives your building team the opportunity to find and repair any problem areas. A minimum performance level is required for certification.

4) Once inspections are completed, the provider files the necessary paperwork with the CaGBC which includes the following documents required for certification:

a) A completed and signed check list.
b) Accountability forms signed by professionals in certain fields where Green Raters are unable to confirm that work or materials have meet requirements.
c) A completed durability risk assessment form outlining possible durability issues in your region, including measures taken to address them, and a checklist of completed durability measures.

Once your files and inspections are completed, it is verified and sent to the CaGBC for final approval. From that point processing and final verifications will usually take about a month.