Installing recycled drywall in the Edelweiss House Installing recycled drywall in the Edelweiss House © Ecohome

Choosing the best drywall - video

Ecohome Feb. 25, 2016, 3:07 p.m.

Drywall may all look the same sitting in stacks in the store but they are very different in performance, strength and ecological impact

There is a lot more to choosing drywall than one might think, and as it finds its way into pretty much every building made, a lot of resources are used in the process.

In the Edelweiss House, we used CGC Sheetrock® Brand Ultralight gypsum panels for an easier build and a lower carbon footprint. It's lightweight, made with synthetic gypsum and has recycled paper on both sides.

In addition, we used CGC Dust Control® Brand Drywall Compound which meant we were exposed to less airborne particles during sanding than we would have been with other brands. 


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