Installing a quartz kitchen counter in a toxic-free way. Can this be done?

Jackie kierulf June 27, 2018, 11:08 a.m.

I have a medical condition and cannot tolerate any type of scents and mainstream products for building e.g. chalking, paint, glue, etc. . We have picked our quartz countertop and need to know if it can be installed using materials which are low voc and non-toxic without having to compromise with BPA content and formaldehyde etc. The installer needs to use epoxy to attach the undermount sink to the counter, crazy glue and clear silicone. Any experiences that were a success using non-toxic products and the product names for the specific task would be helpful. Thank you.

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Ecohome June 28, 2018, 3:31 p.m. Reply

There was a similar question a few months ago on our French website (Ecohabitation) where a reader had found an adhesive that claimed to be 100% non-toxic and they were asking if it was available locally in Quebec. If a product like that existed it would almost certainly carry a certification, and a researcher at Ecohabitation checked through Ecologo, Greenguard, Green Seal and the Scientific Certification System(SCS), and that particular product did not appear anywhere.

 To the best of our knowledge there are no epoxies that are non-toxic and safe for those with chemical sensitivities, so if one existed it would be big news. We can’t say for sure there aren’t any, so if by some chance you are able to find one please let us know. Sorry we can't help more.