Where can I find caulking and adhesives without antimicrobial (biocides) chemicals?

Riki Luri
Updated: Jan. 14, 2020

Although many caulking and adhesive products are now solvent-free and NO or LOW VOC, many contain synthetic antimicrobials or "antifungals" or mildewcides, or "biocides" of various kinds. These synthetic biocides are hugely problematic for chemically sensitive people and toxic for everyone anyway. They are quite persistent and fume for a very long time, polluting the air and causing respiratory issues, headaches, etc. I do not want to use them in my home.

I am looking for linoleum adhesive, wood flooring adhesive, and a water clean-up and water smoothable caulking that are non-toxic, NO VOC and DO NOT contain any synthetic biocides of any kind. Not all companies I have spoken with about their ingredients have been transparent so I am not sure if some of the supposedly safe products actually are.