GekkkoSOL Lazure by Tockay

Colorless binder composed of 100% mineral silicates, GekkkoSOL lazure is used as a stain on untreated and absorbent wood

GekkkoSOL lazure is used as a stain on untreated, absorbent wood - beams, floors, furniture or doors - to reveal the wood grain. It can also be used as a wall glaze with various decorative effects. GekkkoSOL lazure is a colorless binder made of silicates (100% mineral). It is easily tinted with the full range of Tockay dry pigments. Its yield on wood is 110ft²/liter of undiluted stain. It is 330ft²/liter of diluted glaze (1 liter of glaze for 2 liters of water) for a wall glaze. The application of a protective layer is recommended on wood depending on the type of surface: encaustic for furniture, carnauba milk for less exposed areas or hard oil for floors.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Non-polluting
  • Derived from natural materials
  • Limited impact on the natural environment
  • Developed with reduced environmental impact

Product details

Natural Coatings & Stucco
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