Smooth or textured GekkkoSOL by Tockay

A purely mineral interior wall coating, GekkkoSOL paint has a dual function: primer and finishing paint

GekkkoSOL is a purely mineral interior wall coating composed of silicate. It has a double function. First, it is a finishing paint with a smooth or granular texture (matte and slightly velvety) that can be applied directly on an old synthetic paint. It is also an undercoat, perfect for renovation work because of its exceptional adhesion power. It is particularly useful to make the transition between a synthetic surface and a natural paint such as clay paint or lime paint. This paint is white, ready to use and can be thinned with GekkkoSOL thinner. It can be tinted with the full range of Tockay natural dry pigments.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Non-polluting
  • Derived from natural materials
  • Limited impact on the natural environment
  • Developed with reduced environmental impact

Product details

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