Isolofoam ISO R PLUS Premium Wall Insulation panels

ISO R PLUS Premium EPS panels for above grade interior walls and ceilings

Rigid insulation panel made of expanded polystyrene with graphite particles (NEOPOR® by BASF-SE) with a laminated reflective vapour barrier membrane. Designed for insulating interior walls and ceilings. Ideal for increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of any type of building. Meets the standards of the Building Code and the highest insulation requirements. Contributes towards LEED credits.

Applications types

  • Interior insulation for walls and ceilings in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Advantages and Benefits

  • ISO R PLUS premium 3/4 "(R3.45) exceeds the requirement for insulation of thermal bridges R4 when combined with a cardboard fiber 7/16" (R1.30) or OSB 7/16 "(R0. 68).
  • Bonus : membrane reflects radiant energy.
  • Vapour barrier
  • Increased comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Reduces the risk of mould. Blocks moisture inside the building from reaching the wall structure.
  • Air barrier
  • Maximizes a wall’s insulation performance. Cuts thermal bridges from the inside. 
  • Can be used as part of an air-barrier system that complies with CNB 2005.
  • Lightweight. Easy handling (3.5 lb/panel of 3/4'').
  • Flexible. Reduces breakage and makes passing wires easier.
  • Dimension: 48" x 97-1/4". Covers the wall optimally.
  • Fast and easy installation thanks to its integrated membrane. 2 steps in 1. Reduces labour costs.
  • Stable and permanent insulation value. 
  • Respects the environment.

Ecological characteristics

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Long lifespan

Product details