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EcoTouch PINK FIBERGLAS Thermal Batt Insulation

EcoTouch PINK FIBERGLAS Thermal Batt Insulation from Owens Corning

EcoTouch PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation provides outstanding thermal resistance for maximum energy savings* and comfort. Friction fit batts are easy to install and ...

ThermalWall PH Insulated Wall Panels for Passive House or Zero Net Energy

ThermalWall PH insulated Rigid Foam Wall Panels for Passive House or Zero Net Energy Construction by Legalett

The Legalett ThermalWall PH rigid foam panel insulation system is a simple and cost-effective way of boosting the wall insulation performance of practically an...

Isolofoam ISO R PLUS Premium Wall Insulation panels

Isolofoam ISO R PLUS Premium Wall Insulation panels

...walls and ceilings. Ideal for increasing the comfort and energy efficiency of any type of building. Meets the standards of the Building Code and the highest ins...

AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation System

AttiCat and ProPINK Blown Loosefill Insulation from Owens Corning

AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation System is a quick, easy, safe, reliable do-it-yourself system for any homeowner to increase comfort and energy savings* b...

EPS-Deck concrete deck forming system - how it works

EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming System for Insulating Concrete Forms by Legalett

EPS-Deck was designed to be a lightweight, concrete deck forming system ideal for forming concrete floors, roofs and decks. All EPS-Deck insulated EPS concre...

Isolofoam HD160 interior and exterior insulation panels

Isolofoam HD160 & XHD 200-300-400 Insulation Panels

High density versatile expanded polystyrene insulation panel suitable for a number of applications: interior and exterior foundation walls, concrete slabs, cei...

Isolofoam ISOCLAD exterior wall insulation panels

Isolofoam ISOCLAD Wall Insulation Panels

Air barrier/non vapour barrier expanded polystyrene insulation panel with a laminated membrane designed for exterior insulation of above grade walls. Ideal for...

airtight membranes and vapour barriers for building envelopes from Salola distri

Aerovap Hygromax by Salola

...walls Suitable for all wall types and exerior finishes Distributed in Canada by Isofib Eco Construction.

QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic insulation to reduce noise transmission

QuietZone PINK FIBERGLAS Acoustic Batt Insulation from Owens Corning

...walls, interior partitions, floors and ceilings. Acoustically engineered to absorb sound energy within wall and floor cavities, QuietZone acoustic batts are dim...

Air-heated radiant floor systems

Air-Heated Radiant Floor System by Legalett

...walls without any chance of foundation movement, both time and money savings are garnered when using the Legalett System. Both regular hot-water furnace water c...

Legalett Shallow Slab-on-Grade Foundation Form (Unheated)

GEO-Slab insulated Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Forms by Legalett

...walls are not required - saving materials, time and money during construction while reducing the embodied carbon footprint of the building foundation.