EPS-Deck Concrete Deck Forming System for Insulating Concrete Forms by Legalett

EPS-Deck ICF Concrete Deck Forming System for Floors, Roofs and Decks by Legalett

EPS-Deck was designed to be a lightweight, concrete deck forming system ideal for forming concrete floors, roofs and decks.

All EPS-Deck insulated EPS concrete floor or roof forms are designed to an exacting specification with rapid, simple assembly on site. Formed from high quality type 2 expanded polystyrene, with steel or wood support beams doubling as furring attachments, and with integrated mesh support track that also seals against concrete bleed water drip and integrated rebar chairs included, EPS-Deck insulated concrete deck forms can also incorporate PEX/Mesh track for radiant or air-heated floors.

EPS-Deck concrete deck forms advantages include:

  • Rebar chairs included, save time and money - EPS-Deck includes pre-fitted Rebar Chairs integral to the design.
  • Mesh supports included, save time and money - EPS-Deck has integrated mesh support track built into its design.
  • Variable Panel Thicknesses, save time and money - EPS-Deck comes ready to build in any thickness from 6” to 15”.
  • Two Panel widths, saving waste and making assembly quicker - EPS-Deck comes in panel widths of 2’ or 4’ to suit the project.
  • Optional 3" Exposed Steel Stud tails , saving waste and time - EPS-Deck is pre-designed for bearing on a steel beam.

Ecological characteristics

  • Contributes to energy efficiency
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

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