Most people, certainly those reading here on our site, would no doubt prefer to see old lumber re-employed than sent to a landfill, but staying on a construction budget can on occasion trump ecological concerns even among the most noble of us.

The cost per unit to have a new 2x6 delivered to a building site can be as little as three or four dollars, so despite the fact that waste lumber from a demolition project is often still usable, it may still be sent to a landfill simply due to the low cost of purchasing new wood compared to the labour costs that would be incurred by pulling nails from otherwise usable wood.

The Nail Kicker costs a little over $400 to purchase, which may seem high at first, but if you do a lot of renovations you can probably make that cost back fairly quickly by saving money for your client through waste disposal and not having to purchase new lumber. 

If you can pull all the nails from an old 2x6 in a minute or so, the cost of a length of framing lumber could instantly drop from $4 to under $1, making it more than competitive.

Having this tool in your trailer may also mean the difference between winning or losing a contract when courting an environmentally conscious client, making it an even more wise investment. 

Not a lot more needs to be said about it; just watch video of the Nail kicker in action to see how quickly you can restore old wood to a usable state.