Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

All around North America, cities are shifting from ‘grey to green’ approaches to developing and renewing their infrastructure. Green infrastructure involves the use of living systems such as green roofs and walls, urban forests, wetlands, porous paving systems and raingardens as well as supportive technologies such as engineered soils and water storage and transportation systems. 

Public and private decision makers are investing and reinvesting in grey infrastructure in a manner that delivers the greatest overall value for money and increasingly, are looking to living green infrastructure technologies for practical solutions to challenges such as water management, local job creation, urban heat island, climate change and improved quality of life. Living green infrastructure approaches can complement traditional grey infrastructure, and in some cases offer totally new solutions, with multiple, stacking benefits for taxpayers and all citizens.

Cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Milwaukee are starting to invest billions of dollars in green infrastructure solutions in their communities. Philadelphia is planning to invest $2.5 billion dollars on developing 9,000 acres of green infrastructure focused on stormwater solutions over the next 25 years. The US Environmental Protection Agency is poised to issue new regulations that support green infrastructure solutions.

The conference will attract designers, engineers, utility managers, planners, developers and local, regional, provincial/state and national government policy makers. Unlike many ‘talking head’ conferences, this event will focus on engaging participants. It will provide a unique learning environment to facilitate information sharing on best practices, creative solution making, networking and joint ventures. It will engage participants in new ways of thinking about project design, utility regulation and infrastructure capital and maintenance expenditures. It will provide opportunities for ample discussion and engagement, engagement, engagement!

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