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sustainable eco home kits

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Sustainable LEED & Net Zero Ready Prefab Kit Eco Homes @Studio MMA


 The ideal affordable and high-end prefab eco homes in kit form or fully built. Designed LEED ready, certain prefab kit homes may also be suitable for Passive House certification & Zero Net Energy rating - be sure to ask for more details.

Affordable prefab eco homes created with experience 

Écohabitation, Quebec’s most respected sustainable building resource, has brought together and trained local and experienced building professionals to develop a range of beautiful and durable Canadian built, LEED & Net Zero ready, high-performance prefab home kits ideal for Quebec, but with new areas and ranges under development. Learn more about these eco homes here:

The architects have created efficient & distinctive designs, developed practical & beautiful spaces optimized for sustainable lifestyles - all packaged as affordable green prefab eco homes.

Carefully chosen Canadian manufacturers of prefab green homes use high quality local materials, organize efficient production and streamlined assembly to ensure an affordable price point.

Écohabitation has coached and trained professionals in the best construction practices, the choice of healthy and renewable materials for the optimization of energy efficiency and sustainability.

What distinguishes an Écohabitation high-performance prefabricated kit home?

Healthy and renewable
construction materials
for true prefab eco homes

Maximum energy
efficiency for low
energy consumption

Low energy
cost compared to

a similar house

Experienced prefab
companies trained in
sustainable construction
by Écohabitation

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A unique integrated concept in high-performance architect designed prefabricated kit homes

One point of contact from
choice to completion

Wide selection
A variety of LEED, Passive House
and Zero-Energy ready designs

Value for money
 A smart investment in
high-performance architecture

Multiple options are available for each of our high-end prefab kit eco homes – from the standard kit to a turnkey option (100% finished). The standard kit includes:

  • - The complete structure (shell)
  • - The outer finish and roof
  •  - Doors and windows

Leaving the interior finishing and choices of kitchen and bathrooms to the client’s tastes.

As we finalize negotiations for new areas and ranges - which are under development - you can find the best sustainable prefab home manufacturers in British Columbia Canada, here, or the finest green modular and prefab home manufacturers in Toronto and Ontario, here, and also the finest eco-friendly prefab home manufacturers in Halifax Nova Scotia, here. Additionally, the best modular and prefab manufacturers for green homes in New York are here, and the finest panelized or prefab home manufacturers in California are here.    

Optimized and sustainable prefab eco home kits with:

Low environmental impact

Designs by renowned architects

High energy efficiency

Optimized construction
at the prefab plant

High quality components: products and materials

Increased quality of life
and comfort

Minimal energy and
maintenance costs

High real estate value

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