Meunier Art Studio

Living Room


  • Optimization of available space
  • Construction on a site already occupied by an apartment building
  • Small footprint
  • Arrangement of a large balcony to add outdoor space
  • Use of modular furniture

Regulatory challenges

  • A single residence authorized on the site: obligation of a physical link between the two buildings
  • Development of a parking space
  • Improvement of life in the alley
  • Addition of plants in the alley
  • Conversion to a green lane
  • Less vandalism on this building than on adjacent garages

Ecological aspects

  • Novoclimat standards
  • Large windows to the south for passive solar heat gain
  • Extensive use of wood
  • Minimalist approach and limitation of finishing materials: visible wood and cement
  • Reclaimed materials used for finishing the kitchen and bathroom as well as for landscaping

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