Ecohome is a global pioneer in promoting sustainable housing, and for ten years has provided free online green home building advice through our green home building guide, DIY green home building videos on our YouTube channel, and a sustainable advice forum online. We have built cutting-edge LEED Platinum demonstration homes that also meet Passive House standards, and have done so trying experimental techniques to reduce carbon footprints, along with heating homes with passive and active solar energy.


This has inspired many of you to push the envelope in your own way much of which we have featured on our site. So keep it up! The best thing we can all do is try new things and not be afraid to report back what didn’t work along with what did. That’s what propels any kind of technological advancement – the courage to ask absurd questions, try crazy new things, and float ideas without fear of getting shot down by peers.

We have received a lot of feedback from readers over the years, and we are grateful for every bit of input – positive and negative! It is the participation of readers that helps steer us, and motivate us. Advancing the cause of sustainable home construction requires exploring new (and sometimes highly unusual) ideas in terms of home energy efficiency, cutting edge home design, and the creative use and reuse of building materials.

As we mark the 10th anniversary as the most comprehensive green home building website in the world, we would love to hear about what has worked for you in terms of information that you’ve been able to find on our site, and more importantly – what you have not been able to find. Please take a few minutes, and help us to help you, here:

What features would you hope to find on our site in the future? It’s a big site and you may not have stumbled over every page yet so here is a quick recap to make sure you know what we have:

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