The Gulf Islands off Vancouver BC are awesome, as is the excitement of taking a float-plane flight to get to hidden destinations, including off-grid gems like Pirates Cove De Courcy Island. What's even more awesome is that the world's first all-electric commercial aircraft landed today Dec 10th after a successful test flight at the Harbour Air Seaplane terminal in Richmond, B.C.

Today, we made history. Launching the world’s first electric commercial aircraft retrofitted with a 750 horsepower all-electric magni500 propulsion system. Thank you to our amazing maintenance team and our partners at @MagniX for all your efforts! Together, we did it! #ePlane

— Harbour Air Seaplanes (@HarbourAirLtd) December 10, 2019

With Vancouver 2020 "Greenest City" fast approaching, Harbour Air announced in March 19 that it had partnered with engineering firm MagniX in Washington State with the goal of becoming the world's first all-electric airline.

Harbour Air CEO Greg McDougall said in a video statement that he's convinced the future of aviation is electrified and he's proud to be part of the conversion to e-planes - Harbour Air covers 12 routes and operates about 30,000 flights a year between Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and other locations..The test flight was moved up from Wednesday to avoid a change in the weather in the Vancouver area tomorrow.

Discover more about Harbour Air, BC Canada's electric plane conversions on video below:

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